Option 1

Engagement Shoot/Bridal      $350

Deposit Only       $175

- 1 Hour Photo Shoot 

- 2 Looks 

- Studio or Location Shoot

50% off when any wedding package

is booked  

Option 2

Engagement Shoot/Bridal    $435

Deposit Only $215

- 2 Photo Shoot

- Up to four looks 

- Studio and Location

  50% off when any wedding package 

  is booked  


Make Up                                $65

Clothing Stylist                      $150 

(Stylist create your look and gives client store list to purchase clothing)

Clothing Stylist Option 2       $525

(Stylist create and shop for your look) 

Custom Set Designer             $220

(Do you have a creative look in mind? Our set design team can bring it to life)

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